Strong points Conveyor ROC BELT

Reliable and tough

Lattice type frame.
Simple, easy-to-install base.

Improved safety

Risk is taken into account in the design of conveyors.

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced maintenance phases.

Belt width from 500 to 2000 mm

Spare parts supplied quickly.

Wide range

Wide range Conveyor ROC BELT

Roc Belt conveyors are widely used in mines and quarries around the world and have earned a reputation for being tough and reliable.

The conveyor is easy to install. The components are listed on clear installation instructions.

The range of Roc Belt conveyors comes in various widths 500 mm, 650 mm, 800 mm, 1.000 mm and 1.200 mm up to 2.000 mm.

With reduced maintenance phases, maintenance costs go down.

Safety is improved by taking risk into account in the design of conveyors.

Products and spare parts are supplied fast because we have them in stock.

Types of delivery Conveyor ROC BELT

Factory pre-assembled

Factory pre-assembled

The entire conveyor is assembled at the factory in 6- or 12-meter sections. Workers at the job site need only to assemble these components and mount the belt.


The lattice and its stations, and the head and foot are assembled at the factory. The remaining components are assembled on site.
Export kit

Export kit

The head and foot are assembled at the factory. The lattice is packaged as a kit. This means that one package includes all the parts, including all hardware and assembly instructions. Assembly was designed to be done by personnel who are not specialized in assembling conveyors, using very detailed instructions. The lattice folds up, making for optimum loading into a container. In fact, the volume is of the disassembled lattice is only ¼ of the assembled unit.

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