Strong points ROC Jaw Crusher

Reliable and tough

Jaws and side liners made of manganese steel. Frame made of welded refined steel.

Efficient and economical

Wide feed opening and a sizeable crushing stroke blocks for large size blocks in quantity.

Quick and simple adjustment

Equipped with a hydraulic cylinder with a shim adjustment system.

Capacity: 26-850 t/h

Closed side of the discharge opening from 50 to 300 mm.

Reliability ROC Jaw Crusher

Roc Impact jaw crushers are widely used in mines and quarries around the world and have earned a reputation for being tough and reliable.

The ROC model comes with larger feed openings and longer jaws with bigger crushing strokes. It is mainly intended for primary crushing of pebbles, hard minerals, granite and recycling materials.

Thanks to their simple design and rugged construction, ROC jaw crushers are effective and economical for crushing large size bastard rock in quantity.

We offer a wide range of jaw crushers of various sizes to suit your needs.

Parts ROC Jaw Crusher

Jaws and side liners

The jaws and side liners are made of cast manganese steel, ensuring a long service life.


The frame’s reinforced metal construction and heat treatment after welding provide a strong and rigid structure.

Connecting rod

The cast iron connecting rod solves vibration issues.

Main shaft

The main shaft is made of a nickel and chromium alloy which allows the steel to absorb the friction energy.

Main bearing

The spherical roller bearings are lubricated by special lubrication system in order to support a heavy load and increase service life.

Settings adjustment

A complete semi-hydraulic system makes it quick and easy to adjust control settings.


The two flywheels are made from cast iron and a counterweight limits vibrations. A tapered shaft allows easy removal of the flywheels.

Articulated support and return rod

Spherical contact between the toggle plate and return rods.

Grease bearings

Grease bearings ROC Jaw Crusher

All ROC jaw crushers are built with top-quality bearings and roller bearings.

Centralized lubrication makes maintenance easy.
Hydraulic adjustment

Hydraulic adjustment ROC Jaw Crusher

ROC jaw crushers have a hydraulic cylinder with a shim adjustment system.

Adjustments to the jaw discharge opening are quick and easy. Downtime is minimized, and production requirements are met to the greatest possible extent (upon request).

Safety mechanism

ROC jaw crushers work by applying a compressive force exerted as the connecting rod moves forward and backward. The rod is attached at the top to an eccentric shaft, and supported at the base by a hinge support. Designed for safety, the toggle plate, seat and block provide complete protection from any uncrushable material, and ensure that the nip angle is properly maintained.
Safety mechanism

Technical specifications

Type Aperture (mm)Capacity (T/h)Power (Kw)Closed side (mm)Weight (Kg)
ROC 25.15250 x 1501 - 51110 - 201000
ROC 07.15750 x 1505 - 161510 - 403200
ROC 07.25750 x 25010 - 262220 - 504700
ROC 10.251000 x 25016 - 413720 - 506300
ROC 12.251200 x 25018 - 463720 - 507200
ROC 13.301300 x 30022 - 787520 - 7011500
ROC 04.25400 x 2505 - 1818.520 - 703000
ROC 06.04600 x 40026 - 753050 - 1257000
ROC 07.05750 x 50040 - 1305550 - 15011000
ROC 09.06900 x 600105 - 1827580 - 15015000
ROC 10.071060 x 750150 - 25011090 - 17025500
ROC 11.081100 x 800190 - 350110100 - 20026000
ROC 12.101200 x 1000265 - 480160125 - 25050000
ROC 13.111300 x 1150390 - 750250150 - 30059000
ROC 15.131500 x 1300560 - 850350150 - 30075000

Video(s) ROC Jaw Crusher

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