Strong points ROC Cone Crusher

Reliable and tough

Machined and inspected parts made of high-strength steel.

Highly abrasive materials

Designed for all types of hard and abrasive minerals.
(granite, quartz, etc.).

Centralized hydraulic adjustment

Settings adjustment, locking, and clearing managed from a control center. The head and bowl are easy to remove.

Capacity: 15-1360 t/h

Receiving opening from 50 to 460 mm. Engine power from 30 to 300 Kw.


Reliability ROC Cone Crusher

Roc Impact cone crushers are widely used in mines and quarries around the world and have earned a reputation for being tough and reliable.

Two main types of cone crushers are available:
  • the Roc STD, standard type for coarse crushing.
  • the Roc SH, short head type for fine crushing.
These two crusher types are designed for secondary or tertiary crushing of highly abrasive materials in ether fixed or mobile plants.

The parts ROC Cone Crusher

Tension springs

Hydraulic cylinder


Moving jaw


Fixed jaw

Dust ring


Main shaft


Features ROC Cone Crusher

Simplicity of design and rugged construction make Roc Impact cone crushers ideal for any crushing operation.

You can choose from a wide range of cone crusher models for optimal yield and cost-effective production.
A rugged frame

A rugged frame ROC Cone Crusher

The upper and lower sections of the main frame of Roc cone crushers are securely joined with tension bolts.

Each part is made of high strength steel, which allows the frame to withstand the high stress involved in the crushing operation.
In addition, a lining is installed at the wear point where material passes through.

Safety mechanism

The spring-mounted release system allows tramp materials to go through, providing maximum protection for the machine. Roc cone crushers have a lubrication system that is interlocked with the main motor for optimal safety. They also have safety features installed on the lubrication reservoir, including temperature and level sensors, and a pressure switch. It is recommended to use a permanent magnet before the crusher.
Safety mechanism
Hydraulic settings adjustment, locking and clearing

Hydraulic settings adjustment, locking and clearing ROC Cone Crusher

Roc cone crushers are equipped with two hydraulic cylinders for adjusting the crusher. Controlled from a central control unit, they make it very easy to "tighten" or "loosen" the crusher.

Lubrication ROC Cone Crusher

The external lubrication system provides a constant flow of oil to the machine for smooth rotation thanks to pressurized lubrication.

Automate ROC Cone Crusher

Gestion du broyeur par un automate pour facilité l'assistance de l'opérateur.

Technical specifications

Type Aperture (mm)Capacity (T/h)Power (Kw)Weight (Kg)
ROC 600 STD56 - 11816 - 63305000
ROC 600 SH27 - 4515 - 35305000
ROC 900 STD103 - 19836 - 1607513000
ROC 900 SH12 - 7725 - 1459013000
ROC 1300 STD131 - 290100 - 37016026000
ROC 1300 SH28 - 13660 - 22516026000
ROC 1600 STD196 - 387215 - 61025045000
ROC 1600 SH36 - 178105 - 30025045000
ROC 2100 STD270 - 460380 - 136040080000
ROC 2100 SH51 - 203190 - 65040080000

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