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Responsive customer service / Express delivery, contact us…

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With excellent response time and a large number of parts in stock, Roc Impact can find quick, effective solutions to meet your needs.

Roc Impact offers a wide range of adaptable and mechanical wear parts for many brands. And a very comprehensive set of bearings, bearings, motors, gearboxes, belts and pulleys transmission for screens and crushers.

Parts Mechanical

  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - Shafts and HeadsShafts and Heads
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - GearsGears
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - BowlsBowls
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - Symons kitSymons kit
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - Sealing ringSealing ring
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - SealsSeals
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - Wearing ringsWearing rings
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - Socket linerSocket liner
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - Inner/outer eccentric ringInner/outer eccentric ring
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - Countershaft box ringCountershaft box ring
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - ShaftShaft
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - Complete eccentric countershaftComplete eccentric countershaft
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - Bottom plateBottom plate
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - PinionPinion
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - GearGear
  • Parts <strong>Mechanical</strong> - Mechanical partsMechanical parts

Parts Wear

  • Parts <strong>Wear</strong> - JawsJaws
  • Parts <strong>Wear</strong> - Cones and JawCones and Jaw
  • Parts <strong>Wear</strong> - ConesCones

Parts for Conveyor

  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - Rubber beltsRubber belts
  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - GearmotorsGearmotors
  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - RollersRollers
  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - DrumsDrums
  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - ScrapersScrapers
  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - AdhesiveAdhesive
  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - Impact barImpact bar
  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - Scales for conveyor beltsScales for conveyor belts
  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - Belt offsetsBelt offsets
  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - Emergency shut-off systemEmergency shut-off system
  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - Flexible splices with screws and staplesFlexible splices with screws and staples
  • Parts <strong>for Conveyor</strong> - Rotation controllersRotation controllers

Parts for Screen

  • Parts <strong>for Screen</strong> - ScreensScreens
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